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I help women like you learn how to confidently make more money from your passion, without having to give up more of your time...

Hello, I'm Louise

I work with women who want to scale their business using Paid Ads but don't have the time or know-how.


Does this sound familiar...

  • Constantly spinning plates but just not progressing your business as quickly as you would like, you lack the expertise to get the results you want and the time to dedicate to learning it yourself.

  • You'd love to know what really motivates people to buy from you, but worry you will waste your money without a clear strategy or understanding of your results. 

I help move your ideal customers from A to B (that’s awareness to buying!) with Done-For-You packages in Facebook Ads and Google Ads so you can make more money from your passion without giving up more of your time, and spend it with your loved ones instead.

Maybe you're thinking “I’ve tried using paid ads before but didn’t see a big increase, is it really worth it?”...


I believe all businesses can get great results from paid ads, you just need a little know-how! I can help you understand why your ads might not have worked in the past and set you up for better success. We'll learn what motivates your ideal customers and create a simple step by step plan that brings your customers closer to you, saving you time and energy in the process.



Take the confusion and frustration out of creating Facebook Ads campaigns

Learn what you need to set up for success before you get started 

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Your Ads are finally up and running...

but they're not doing as well as you had hoped. 

Now what?!

Here are my top 5 tips to get better results from Facebook Ads.

Book your FREE consultation now and take the first step to scaling your business

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Our knowledge of social media and the strategies behind it were non existent to us, but that's all changed since we've been working with Gates Digital Consultancy. On our limited budget, GDC have not only introduced us to Google Adwords but also run social media marketing and had the patience to educate us along the way and for that we're so grateful. We can now fully understand the data analysis that's provided and make informed decisions. We're happy to say that our business has grown as a result and we look forward to new and exciting times ahead with GDC !

I cannot recommend Gates Digital Consultancy highly enough. Louise really understood my business and what's more really 'cares'. It is like you have a partner in crime! She didn't baffle me with techy stuff and is really understanding and patient. Her work is top notch and that's the most important thing. Whatever idea you have she will bring it to fruition and what's more will supercede your greatest expectations! The trust and support I have in Louise is priceless

Louise helped me run my Retreat campaign on Facebook. The results were astounding and I only wish I had engaged her earlier, which I will do next time! She is an expert in her field and I was impressed with all that she had to offer me in my business from the moment I met her. I value her professionalism and talent in explaining everything so clearly and providing such a wonderful full service package. I also found the training to be very useful which will help me to experiment with running some of my own mini campaigns. Thank you Louise and I look forward to continuing our work together.


I am a mum starting out in self employed work and Gates Digital Consultancy have helped me build my confidence to start setting up my own facebook page and website. I was very satisfied with an excellent, professional and helpful consultation. Highly recommended.

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