Digital marketer, mother, book lover, coffee lover


I support women feeling overwhelmed or stuck when growing their business with Search or Social Media Marketing with Done-With-You and Done-For-You services.
I love my work as I get to help people turn their passions into a reality with my Digital Marketing expertise! 
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I've been a Digital Marketer managing campaigns and strategies for large and small businesses for 12+ years. I enjoyed working with large businesses for the exciting opportunities and innovations that came with it, but my real passion lay working with small businesses. Every penny meant something to them and their passion for their businesses to succeed was tangible and infectious. 

After 5 years working in Sydney, Australia we returned home and decided to start a family. During my natural career break I met many women starting or growing businesses around their families, but who lacked the skills and experience in using digital marketing. They reminded me of the small businesses I had worked with previously and I could see their passion...and I wanted to help. 

Gates Digital Consultancy was born and I started by offering Strategy and Management services to businesses using all my Digital Marketing knowledge - Paid Search, Social Media, Display Advertising and Email. I later specialised in Paid Search and Social Media Marketing as these are the most valuable channels to micro and small businesses - and coincidentally the two channels I enjoy the most! I now also offer Training (Done-With-You) services alongside the Management (Done-For You) services, so I can provide support to a wider range of business owners depending on their individual needs.

I love seeing my client's businesses grow along with their confidence and their abilities. It's impossible to know everything when you first start out and knowing when to get assistance is a powerful thing.

If you get the chance to know me you'll know I love a good book, a good cup of coffee fixes (almost) everything, and I love being by the sea...hence a recent move to the south coast :-) 

Being a mother and small business owner myself, I understand some of the challenges you're facing - from juggling time and responsibilities, to learning new skills, to just knowing where to start! 

If and when you feel ready to get some assistance with your Search or Social Media Marketing, I'd love to help!

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I cannot recommend Gates Digital Consultancy highly enough. Louise really understood my business and what's more really 'cares'. It is like you have a partner in crime! She didn't baffle me with techy stuff and is really understanding and patient. Her work is top notch and that's the most important thing. Whatever idea you have she will bring it to fruition and what's more will supercede your greatest expectations! The trust and support I have in Louise is priceless


Our knowledge of social media and the strategies behind it were non existent to us, but that's all changed since we've been working with Gates Digital Consultancy. On our limited budget, GDC have not only introduced us to Google Adwords but also run social media marketing and had the patience to educate us along the way and for that we're so grateful. We can now fully understand the data analysis that's provided and make informed decisions. We're happy to say that our business has grown as a result and we look forward to new and exciting times ahead with GDC !


I am a mum starting out in self employed work and Gates Digital Consultancy have helped me build my confidence to start setting up my own facebook page and website. I was very satisfied with an excellent, professional and helpful consultation. Highly recommended.

Louise helped me run my Retreat campaign on Facebook. The results were astounding and I only wish I had engaged her earlier, which I will do next time! She is an expert in her field and I was impressed with all that she had to offer me in my business from the moment I met her. I value her professionalism and talent in explaining everything so clearly and providing such a wonderful full service package. I also found the training to be very useful which will help me to experiment with running some of my own mini campaigns. Thank you Louise and I look forward to continuing our work together.