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I'm a mum on a mission to demystify Facebook Ads and Google Ads for women growing businesses around their family and lifestyle

Like many women, I began my business journey when I left my corporate role after starting a family.


While on maternity leave, I met lots of women creating businesses sparked from a passion that fit around their lifestyles. However, they were struggling to market their businesses as they didn't have to know-how or time to dedicate to learning it. 

I wanted to help these women and at the same time craved more flexibility for my own family. So GDC was born!

Today, I work with women who want to scale their business using Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

I help them discover what motivates their ideal clients and customers to buy from them, and work with them to create a simple step by step plan that brings their customers closer to them. 


"I wanted to help these women and at the same time craved more flexibility for my own family. So GDC was born!"

I've been a Digital Marketer managing campaigns and strategies for large and small businesses since 2005.

I enjoyed working with big brands such as Sky and Optus (Australian Telecom) for the exciting opportunities and innovations that came with it. 

BUT my real passion lay working with small businesses.

Every penny meant something to them and their passion for their businesses to succeed was tangible and infectious. 

From the beginning, it was important to me to continue working with small businesses so I could keep doing the work I love for businesses I love. 

Digital Marketer,


Book lover,

Coffee lover

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When my son was born my ambition didn't disappear but I didn't want to give up precious time with my boy. 

I designed my business to provide me with the flexibility to both spend the time I craved with my son, and generate additional income for our family.

It took time and effort and a dose of mum-guilt (!) but it's worked for us.

Now with a new baby girl in tow, I'm determined to show my children a different version of being successful and grow my business alongside our family life. 

If you get the chance to know me you'll know I love a good book, a good cup of coffee fixes (almost) everything, and I love being by the sea...hence a recent move to the south coast! 

Being a mother and small business owner myself, I understand some of the challenges you'll have faced - from juggling time and responsibilities, to learning new skills, to stepping out of your comfort zone to keep moving towards your goals! 

Check out my Signature Package to find out how I can help you scale your business and reach your goals. 

If you're ready to take the next step, book a free consultation with me and get the ball rolling.