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My's the path you want your ideal clients to take to feel confident and happy to buy from you.

Very recently I was a bit poorly.

Ok I was more than a bit poorly…I had a viral infection, which led to a lung infection, which then led to pneumonia.

I was so unwell I had no choice but to hit the pause button.

Everything stopped.

For almost 2 months.

As a mid-week single...

I want to address talking to your target audience.

Chances are you fit into one of two groups...

1) You are bursting with ideas of things to communicate to your target audience,

2) You are completely stumped for ideas.

The first group is a little easier to help as you j...

We’re all thinking it…Social media is a tricky animal. (Yes, even me!). How do I talk to my target customer, what do I say to them, how does everyone else seem to do it so well?!

Well I’m not going to try to fool you or insult your intelligence and tell you there is a m...

Knowing your target audience is one of the fastest ways to improve the health of your business. 

Not just knowing them, but really knowing them. You know?!... 

If you don't know your target audience really well it is much harder to reach them, communicate with them and c...

Growing your business online can be hard...  

...and knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming!

I've been there myself - when I started my business I was utterly overwhelmed with how much I felt I should be doing to improve my marketing.

Yes even a profes...

Lacking direction with your social media can lead to confused customers to stressed business owners!

If you think of your favourite brands and personalities you follow on social media, they will likely have 2 things in common - authenticity and consistency. 

I don'...

Here's a 7 step process to creating a content plan for your small business. Get the most out of social media while saving you time and sanity!

Paid search (SEM; Search Engine Marketing) captures a wider audience than Organic search (SEO; Natural Listings) alone provides. Here are my tips to a simple setup.

"What's the point in using Paid Search Marketing?"I get asked this a lot. Typically followed by "I come up in natural results, so I don't need it”. I disagree.

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