2020 Review: The Year of Overcoming Challenges

I usually do an annual review at the beginning of the New Year so I can look back on the last 12 months and learn from it.

This is the first year I’m sharing my annual review for others to see.

I’ve been pretty inspired by other people’s annual reviews recently and figure that we’ve all got a story to tell after everything that’s happened in 2020!

Sharing your experiences and what you’ve learned might help someone else to have a better 2021…so here is my story for 2020...

AT THE BEGINNING OF 2020 I was 8 months pregnant and starting the handover process for my maternity cover. Amber was to work alongside me from January 5th and on Feb 1st I was stepping away completely to go on maternity leave. I had had a great few months where I had gained 5 new 1:1 clients and several new leads and I felt really positive about the growth of my business.

Being heavily pregnant I felt tired however and was beginning to wind down. I was very ready for a break when February arrived and hoped the baby would give me at least one day to relax (she did…in fact she gave me 4 weeks and had to be induced!).

The handover with Amber went so smoothly! The clients transitioned easily and felt confident everything was taken care of and in good hands... and so was I!

THEN COVID-19 HIT and lockdown was put in place just after my daughter was born. One by one, all my clients pulled their activity in order to save money. There were no hard feelings, it was a tough time for everyone. I’d had a bit of a bumpy start health-wise following my daughter’s arrival so when this all happened, I decided to prioritise my family and make the most of a bad situation. I extended my maternity leave and enjoyed just being a mum for a while.

WHEN SCHOOL TERM STARTED in September that was my cue to get back to work! In the month or so leading up to this I’d spent some time thinking about my business – what I loved doing, what I wasn’t so keen on, how I could best serve my clients, who my dream clients were… and how on earth I was going to juggle a business and a baby while being fully present for my son who was starting school! I’d also spent time thinking about the kind of person I wanted to be when I started back at work. I’d read “Playing Big” by Tara Mohr and decided to let my intuition guide me more.

I decided to get rid of what wasn’t serving me or my clients and keep what was thereby creating my new Signature Package – Paid Ads With Purpose.

I juggled work in-between my daughter’s naps for a while, but as she didn’t like to sleep for more than half an hour (!) I had to be organised and productive as hell, then make up time in the evenings.

Honestly, this was really tough at times but I knew I could make it happen as I’d done it before when I started my business when my son turned 1.

I gained my first dream client on my new signature package in September and felt the fire in my belly grow! I instinctively knew I was on the right path.

THEN A LOT HAPPENED in October and November that all came together to help me reach my goals.

I took myself more seriously and invested in myself. I enrolled on a course to improve my mindset. I sought coaching support to help me develop a plan and give me accountability to see it through. I got an accountability buddy to give me an extra nudge whenever I needed it. I started to consistently create content that was more authentic, and I pushed out my comfort zone and got more visible. I was networking again. I was prioritising self-care.

By December I had 5 new 1:1 dream clients and was receiving referrals from more women who were looking for support.


I invested in myself. I prioritised my mindset and self-development, I took myself more seriously and invested in support when I needed it. With the year full of anxiety, exhaustion, ups and downs, this was never more important.

Created my Signature Package. I changed my packages to provide the best service I can while doing what I love. Getting rid of what wasn’t serving me or my clients and keep what was, was a game-changer and I haven’t looked back!

Created authentic content. I created content that was more authentic and let people get to know the real me. As an introvert this felt scary at times, but it was also more rewarding to get more visible with my message and I showed up a lot more consistently than I had before.

I got my business back on track. I started the year with 5 clients, lost them all, and ended the year with 5 new clients.


Preventative self-care. I learned the hard way that this is just as important as addressing overwhelm and anxiety when it creeps up. I started some great new habits but didn’t keep them all going, so in 2021 I’ll restart the ones I enjoyed the most and take it from there.

I struggled with the balance. Finding a balance between work and family was extremely hard and I felt drained and emotional more than I care to remember. There were times I couldn’t switch off from my business and had less patience with the kids or barely saw my husband, and times when I spent so much time looking after the kids I didn’t have the energy to do any work. Setting realistic boundaries is a priority for 2021 so I can achieve my business goals AND be a happy mum and wife.

Was inconsistent with content. I was actually really consistent for a while and I saw the effects of this in many ways (including new clients) but it started to fall through the cracks as client work increased. It’s a case of prioritising and being more disciplined with my time in 2021.


Strong mindset and good habits. Challenging those mindset blocks and getting my head in the right space every day.

Happy balance between business and family. I want to have lots of quality family time and be fully present for my kids and my husband, AND have clear headspace to work on my business.

Reach my income goal. No more excuses, this is the year I’ll do it!

Create authentic content consistently. I’ll let my intuition guide me on content but be more disciplined with my time to create it.

I NAMED 2020 the Year of Overcoming Challenges. I’m actually quite proud of what I achieved and the progress I made in 2020. I am stronger and more resilient than I thought, I’m loving the clients I’m working with and believe in the service I’m providing. After lots of trial and error I know what works for me and now need to go all in and do it!

2021 WILL BE the Year of Playing Bigger Authentically. I’m going to step even further out of my comfort zone and get more visible. I’m going to service the hell out of my clients because it feels good, and develop the best coaching program I can to support many more women. I’m excited about what is to come and will continue to use my intuition to grow my business, creating authentic content that speaks to the right people.

If you’d like support with Paid Ads in 2021 and think we could be a good fit, get in touch and let’s chat 🙂