3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Post

Lacking direction with your social media can lead to confused customers to stressed business owners!

If you think of your favourite brands and personalities you follow on social media, they will likely have 2 things in common - authenticity and consistency.

I don't mean consistency in that they post something every 4 hours, but in the way that they are true to their brand personality and you can consistently see this shine through in their posts.

For you to have the same impact upon your audience and give more clarity and purpose to your social media efforts for your small business, ask yourself these 3 questions before you post...

1. Does this serve a purpose for my brand?

Is it related to your business? What does it say about your business? If its not relevant or doesn't add any value to your business its probably not worth posting. This will help maintain your authenticity as people trust what they see from you. Can you easily explain why you think it is worthwhile posting? While that image of your coffee looks yummy, unless you can relate it back to you and your business in an obvious way, e.g. your business is in the coffee/catering industry or you're celebrating a well earned time-out after a successful week, chances are your audience won't find it valuable. Which leads me nicely to the next question...

2. Is this of interest to my audience?

The only answer to this question should be yes. If it isn’t, don't post it! If you're not posting for the people you intend to read it then there really is no point. It won't win you any new fans, it might even lose you a few. Get to know what your audience want to see and hear and give it to them.

3. What do I want people to do with this post?

Do you just want to entertain people, get them to read it and like it? Do you want people to take a specific action? Or do you want people to click a link, share it, comment, use a hashtag… Whatever it is you want people to do you have to lead them. People like things to be made really easy for them these days - even one extra click to get something they want can be a barrier! So take the guesswork out of it for them and see the results come in.

Sharing is caring! Are there any other questions you ask yourself? Share any tips you've heard or found to have worked for you below…