5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

Getting Facebook Ads to work for you isn't easy. Let's just get that clear from the start.

If you outsource to a Facebook Ads specialist, they probably won't get you great results straight away either. They still need to figure out what works well for you and your business. There isn't a formula that we get taught to make them work magically well. (I wish!)

But if you're here its because you know the value of Facebook Ads for your business and you have taken the trouble to set up campaigns and try them out.

But they're just not working for you!

Why not? What can I do about it?

Don't give up. Here are 5 reasons why your campaigns might not be working and what you can try to fix it...

Your target audience is wrong

There is such a thing as being too specific. If you are only using Custom Audiences or Retargeting people who have been to your site then your target audience will be really small and you have less people to message. Yes they should be a warmer audience, but you will need to get you Ads right pretty quickly in order to get the most out of them. With a smaller audience your Ad Frequency is often much higher (meaning people see your Ad a lot more often) so if your Ads aren't right you quickly start putting people off - the opposite of what you want!

On the flip side, if your targeting is really broad then you aren't specific enough about who your product or service is best for and you won't have a big enough impact on them.

Building out your target audience using Interests and Behaviours is one of the most powerful tools you can use on Facebook. Use the Suggestions option to help you here.

How to fix it > Build target audiences that describe your ideal clients and customers to a tee - when you've finished, someone who doesn't know you or your business should be able to look at your audience and tell you exactly who your ideal client is.

You haven't used the right objective for your campaign

There are many objectives to choose from and Facebook uses these objectives to decide who to show your Ads to. If you choose the wrong objective it will be shown to people less likely to take the action you actually want them to.

Consider where your ideal clients and customers are in their customer journey - at the beginning, in the middle or near the end...

  • If they are at the beginning they will need to be introduced to you and your products or services.

  • If they are in the middle they will need to know more about you and be educated on something relevant to your industry so they can develop their know/like/trust factors.

  • If they are at the end they will need to really understand the benefits and value of your products or services.

How to fix it > Choose an Objective that fits each of these stages to support you in reaching the right people at the right time.

You aren't connecting with your target audience in your Ads

Your Ads are so important to get right for your audience so that you can have the results you want. If your Ads don't connect with your target audience on an emotional level they won't have the impact you desire.

Whether we like it or not, people buy with feelings and if we aren't in touch with those feelings then we're missing a trick.

Consider the problems and aspirations your ideal clients and customers have, show you understand them, then connect them to your solution, then offer them a simple next step for them to take.

If you're already doing this, check you are identifying the right problems and aspirations or go deeper in describing them (rather than just listing them - overwhelmed, frustrated, tired).

How to fix it > Check out my blog on how to create authentic Ads here.

Your Image or Video isn't resonating with your target audience

The image and video is often what your target audience see first. It's what grabs their attention and encourages them to read the copy. Choosing the best images and videos to grab the attention of your audience is imperative.

Consider who your target audience are and what they like. Do they need formal or informal, inspirational or factual, imagery or text based?

How to fix it > Test the same copy with different images and videos to get a feel for the type of image and videos your audience prefer.

Your next step isn't clear or its the wrong one

Your call-to-action button, last line of your copy and the destination (where you drive people once they click on your Ad) all need to align or you'll confuse your target audience.

Being really clear on what you want people to do next makes it easier for your audience to decide if they want to take it or not.

A confusing next step impacts on your target audience's trust right when you don't need it to!

The best next step for your campaign is a natural one. If you jump right to the end asking people to buy without giving them plenty of information first then, your conversion rate will be lower. Could you offer some tips in exchange for an email address so you can nurture them until they are ready to buy?

Could you grow your social media followers so you can nurture them until they are ready to buy?

Could you ask them to contact you so they can find out more information?

How to fix it > Check your call-to-action button, last line of copy and destination align and asks your audience to take a natural next step. The next steps should give your target audience the level of information needed to make their decision.

Take a look at your ads and see if any of the above stands out for you. Make necessary tweaks and see how that impacts on your results. I recommend focussing on one at a time so you can pinpoint which changes result in your great results!

Speak soon,