5 Steps to Authentic Ads

How often have you seen those Facebook Ads that SCREAM at you to buy their product or service or YOU WILL MISS OUT?! These Ads give Advertising a bad name, and they make my blood boil a little!

BUT... they do offer one good thing for genuine, passionate, small business owners like yourself...

A chance to stand out from the crowd. In a very good way!

If you create authentic Ads - Ads that don't feel like Ads - then you are onto a winner to really connect with your ideal clients and customers and naturally bring them closer to buying from you.

No icky sales tactics, or fear inducing offers are needed.

Simply follow these 5 rules and you'll start to see a big difference, and it will feel fantastic!

  1. Be specific with who you are talking to. "If you try to speak to everyone, you will end up speaking to no-one" (Meredith Hill). Facebook Ads is one of the few channels that allows you to get really specific with your targeting, so use it wisely. By getting niche with your targeting you are not excluding people, you are getting really specific with who you want to work with or serve. Knowing exactly who you are talking to allows you write copy that speaks directly to them, that captures their attention and intrigues them. They find it really hard to keep scrolling because they want to read more!

  2. Know what they are struggling with and/or aspiring to. Dig deep into this and show how well you know your audience. Parents of newborns aren't just fed up with a lack of sleep... they are drinking copious amounts of coffee and willing themselves to have enough energy for any adult conversations taking place that day, and can't remember what rested feels like. Describing their problems and aspirations is much more powerful in building instant trust as your audience feel like you "get them".

  3. Naturally connect your solution. Offer your product/service as a solution to their problems/aspirations. Simply listing all the benefits of your offering isn't strong enough. They have to see how it connects to where they currently are and where they want to be. What is different about you and your product/service? Why is that relevant for them? It's not about you, it's about them.

  4. Invite them to take one step closer. Unless it fits, asking for the sale immediately undermines the work you have done to intrigue and instil trust so far, Instead, ask people to simply take one more step. Whether that is to learn more, or download a lead magnet, or book a free consultation/trial/webinar, etc. A low risk next step is much easier for people to take and they feel no pressure buy.

  5. Be You. If you force yourself to write in way that isn't natural to you, then it will show in your Ad and it won't stand out as much as you want. Write the Ad copy as you would say it. Use your own language, sayings and phrases so people get a real sense of your personality and who you are - minus the swear words where possible as Facebook doesn't like it! Don't water yourself down as you're doing yourself an injustice. Also use images and videos that befit your brand and include you in it where possible so people can see you.

I'd love to know how you get on! Let me know in the comments below.

Speak soon,