A Fold-Up Mindset Hack

A small purchase recently made a big impact to the way I work, and it reminded me of the value of investing.

Before I tell you what it was, let me explain what was going on at the time.

I typically work on a beautiful antique desk that's been in my husband's family for generations and is decorated with plants, candles, and positive affirmations... and I love it ! I feel inspired and in tune with my ideal future self every time I sit down there.

Until January 5th 2021, when the second lockdown came into play and my son's school closed and I suddenly had two children at home while I was trying to work.

My beautiful workspace in the lounge no longer worked for me. Even when my wonderful Mum (who lives with us) was looking after them, I was too distracted and distracting to get much done, with the kids wanting to play or be fed or have a cuddle or just see what I'm doing...

So I had to find a new temporary place to work while we were all at home together.

My husband has been working in my old office since before the last lockdown - and is in a LOT of virtual meetings - so that wouldn't work.

The kitchen would have posed the same problems as the lounge with the kids.

So my bedroom was the best next place.

I sat on my bed and used a portable stand up desk support (one of those adjustable height thingys!) for a few days. It was ok. It was private and I could get my head down.

But a bed isn't the most comfortable to sit up in for hours on end, and I found my concentration wavered as I fidgeted.

It also meant all my work stuff was piled right next to my bed so it was the first and last thing I saw before closing my eyes.

SO, I decided to make an investment.

I bought a new desk.

Not a full-on desk (we don't have the space for that) but a full size fold-up desk so I could turn my bedroom into an office and back again whenever I need it.

It's been brilliant! It's changed the way I work immeasurably.

I sit at a desk, by a window, on a proper chair, with no distractions.

It was such a small thing - to buy an inexpensive fold-up desk - but the biggest investment for my mindset.

I was taking myself seriously and giving myself what I needed in order to progress and get the best from myself.

I accepted what I couldn't control - that Covid19 wasn't going anywhere any time soon - and focussed on what I could control - my environment.

Now, I get the same feeling when I sit at my new desk. It's not decorated in the same way - or at all in fact but I do have a lovely view across a meadow! - but I have the same result.

I feel inspired and in tune with my ideal future self every time I sit down there. And I get shit done!

My ideal future self is someone who listens to her needs and invests where is needed to help her grow personally and professionally. She is someone who doesn't let external factors dictate her internal dialogue. She accepts what she can't control and focusses on what she can.

Are you holding yourself back from achieving your goals by not listening to yourself and not investing where you should? Take a minute to look at all areas of your life. Is there an area you're not feeling great about? Is there something you could do about that? If not, accept it and move on. If so, what do you need to make some changes?

Speak soon,