A Not-so-magic Formula

There is one thing that really winds me up about my industry.

It doesn't actually happen in just my industry, but I feel more disappointed when I see people doing it in mine as we're supposed to think about our target audiences and their feelings in marketing!

It's when people tout "one-size-fits-all" or "do-what-I-did-and-you'll-grow-to-6-figures-in-6-hours" formulas.

Grrr... I call bullsh*t!

Business is all about people. The people who buy the products and services, and the people who run them.

People are different and unique and therefore the small businesses that people own - even ones in the same industry as you - are different and unique.

So what works for one person might not work for you.

I'm not denying that Little Miss Successful used that technique to get her the results she did, but they are not typical. And telling you that they are if you just do X, Y and Z isn't right.

I've worked 15 years in Marketing and NONE of the clients I have worked with have ended with the same marketing. NONE!

I've heard and seen women who own small businesses afraid of using Facebook Ads and Google Ads for their business because they think they need to know the secret formula to success, and if they don't know it they'll be wasting their money.

And I guess that's what frustrates me the most about these marketing techniques...

they create FEAR.

They make you feel like you're getting left behind, that you're taking the harder route by not buying their answers, and that your money is being poured unwittingly down the drain...

Maybe this fear has stopped you from using Paid Ads completely, maybe you're losing faith right now...

Before you get that far, I want to remind you that you are wonderfully unique and your business is wonderfully unique. Your path to success will look different to everyone else's and that is ok! What matters is that you achieve your goals in a way that feels good to you, and that you can get excited about it!

If you've resonated with any of this, I'd love to support you in growing your business with Facebook Ads.

I'm launching a Coaching Program that is designed to teach you Facebook Ads basics and how to get more from your campaigns, but crucially, how to create a strategy and use Ads for your unique business.

Learn how to attract the right people for your business and encourage them to go from A to B - that Awareness to Buying! - YOUR way.

Find out more about the Facebook Ads Coaching Program here and register your interest.

Speak soon,