A seasonal strategy for service-based small businesses… Ho Ho Ho!

(Try repeating that three times after several mulled wines!)

There is a strong vibe of “screw 2020, 2021 will be my year!” going around at the moment. And if my daughter hadn’t been born earlier this year, I would probably be thinking the same thing!

2021 holds a lot of hope and aspirations for many small business owners. This year has been tough.

But December is no ordinary month.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, whether you have got your tree and Christmas decorations up already or not, it is likely a time where you want to slow down, recuperate and prepare yourself for 2021.

For Mums running businesses, the greatest gift you can gift yourself …is time.

However, in order to really enjoy that time and relax knowing that 2021 will kick off to a good start I will be giving one last little push and set myself with a strategy.

I’m going to have my 3 goals set, my ideal customer journey mapped out to help me reach these goals, a content framework in place, and my Paid Ads Strategy.

Who’s with me?!

Like any forward planning, having a Paid Ads Strategy will save you time and money in the long run.

Boosting posts whenever the urge takes you won’t bring you consistent leads.

Giving real thought to who you’re targeting, with what message, and to what end will vastly improve your chances of connecting with your ideal clients and bring them one step closer to you.

Create your Paid Ads Strategy and Setup in the first week of December and you can sit back, put your stocking-ed feet up, and have your minced pies and eat them, safe in the knowledge that your campaign will kick off on January 1st without you having to lift a finger.

Sign up here if you’d like me to guide you through the process from 1st to 4th Dec.

I’ll send you tasks to complete each day via email and by the end of the week you’ll be sitting jolly!