Growing your business online can be hard...

...and knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming!

I've been there myself - when I started my business I was utterly overwhelmed with how much I felt I should be doing to improve my marketing.

Yes even a professional digital marketer like me!

There was just so much advice telling me what to do but it was all conflicting and nothing quite fit my own business!

I started to feel a bit like a failure, and that maybe I wasn't cut out to run my own business. Then I thought *$@% that! I knew in my gut that taking the leap of faith and starting my own business was the right thing for me and I just needed to crack my how I was going to make it work for me.

I paid a lot more attention to my gut instincts, recognised my weaker areas, and fuelled my stronger areas.

If I, with all my digital marketing knowledge, had struggled to find the right ways to make my business work, then how must small businesses with no marketing background be feeling? This has fuelled me on to support micro, small and medium sized businesses all the more so that passionate people like you can prosper!

So, I've got to work designing an online marketing program - focussed on Search and Social Media - that will help give people the confidence they deserve to grow their business they way they want.

My online program is a bespoke program designed to fit you and your business perfectly - tuning into your weaker areas and supporting your stronger areas, learning at a pace that suits you, and gives you lifetime access to the content so you can refer back whenever you need it.

Launching later this year (eta Mid-November), I'm looking for 10 beta-testers on a first come first served basis in return for a heavy discount, honest feedback and reviews.

If you'd like to know more, register your interest below. You won't be bombarded with emails or tied into anything, just letting me know you would like to know more! I'll keep you updated on progress, pricing and launch date.

If you'd like to learn the skills you need to grow your business with confidence using Search and Social Media, then register your interest today :-)