Fail Forward Series: 1

Running your own business is not all sweetness and roses.

You will make a lot of mistakes.

But it's from these mistake that we learn how to get better.

I've decided to document my learnings each month so I can learn from my mistakes and continue to move forward.

I've also decided that I will share those learnings with you so you don't have to make them but can still learn from them!

If you've made similar ones, I'd love you to share your learnings and thoughts in the comments below.


I ended last month feeling a little low....despite what was actually a really positive month.

See, I bought a productivity journal so that I could use my somewhat limited time more wisely. I've been looking ahead to Summer Holidays where I want to scale my working days back to 2 a week so I can spend more time with my kids. In order to get my work done in this time - without impacting the quality of my work - I need to be more efficient and productive, so I wanted to improve this skill in advance.

This productivity journal was amazing!

I got so much more done in the month!

I prioritised my time more effectively, I ticked my way through the important jobs every day, I focussed on the tasks in hand and created some great work (even if I do say so myself!).

I also completed tasks that have been hanging over me for ages - content planning being one. There will be another blog on that!

With all this productivity why did I feel a bit low?

Because I'd forgotten to schedule in me-time.

Yes, I'd gotten through a lot of tasks and I found another gear for producing great work...

...but I neglected my need for time to myself to recuperate and get ready for the next burst of energy required - be that for work or looking after the kids.

I just sort of kept going ...until I couldn't any more. It wasn't quite burnout but certainly in that realm.

For me, taking me-time is simple things - reading a book, writing, taking walks, listening to podcasts, gardening and creating delicious food.

I know self-care is important as it recharges the batteries and makes it easier for you to deal with all that life throws at you - "you can't fill other people's cups from your own empty cup" as the saying goes.

I know this, I hear this all the time... so why is it so difficult to do sometimes?

I was so focussed on being productive that it didn't feel like a productive use of my time to just sit and read my book.

So instead I ploughed on. I moved onto the next task on my list, and the next.

Until I couldn't concentrate on any task - big or small.

I needed a break.

I've since acknowledged that focussing solely on being productive was causing me to feel overwhelmed and I needed to release some of the pressure I was putting on myself.

Time (the weekend), journaling (being honest with myself about how I'm feeling), and all of the above me-time activities later and I feel ready to get back to my to-do list...

with a sprinkle of me-time!

Lesson learned - giving yourself time to breathe increases your productivity potential.

Maybe you know this already. Maybe you needed reminding of it.

Let's go forward into this month being productive and content 🙌

Speak soon