Grow Your Email List With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have SO many uses – not just for selling, like many people think.

You can use Facebook Ads to support all of your marketing goals and can reach people you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Email Marketing is also an incredibly important marketing tool and if you can spend some time getting this right, you should build some great relationships with your ideal clients and increase your conversions.

But did you know that the two can work together?

You can use Facebook Ads to grow your Email List so you can speak to more of your ideal clients and have an even bigger impact.

Here are a few ways you can use Facebook Ads to grow your email list…


Create a freebie that provides tips/advice/guides for your ideal clients and customers to help them move one step forward with a problem they are experiencing.

In exchange for your helpful freebie (lead magnet), they will provide you with their email address.

Ensure you follow GDPR rules and you can add them to your email marketing list for further communication.


Sharing your knowledge and expertise is really valuable in building trust within your ideal clients and customers, and blogs are a great way of doing this.

Tailor your blogs to the interests of your ideal clients and you’ll attract the right people to them.

At the end of each blog include your sign-up link so people can hear more from you or be notified when new blogs are published.


Sharing a simple but effective tip that will help your ideal clients and customers with a problem they are experiencing, or that will make things easier for them, instils trust very quickly. Sharing this tip completely free and without expecting anything in return instils like and trust very quickly. Invite people to your email list so they can hear more of your tips straight in their inbox.


Can you see a theme here with sharing knowledge?! Podcasts are growing in popularity and are a brilliant way for people to get to know you better. They hear how you think and how you communicate your message and will quickly decide if they want to hear more from you/ Invite them to subscribe to be notified when new episodes are released.


A slightly longer-winded option but it should add highly engaged people to your email list. By inviting your ideal clients and customers to simply Like your Facebook Business Page via Facebook Ads, you are bringing them one step closer to you. There is no risk to them but will only Like it if something stands out for them and resonates with them.

Once they follow you, you’ll want to make sure they easily find ways to join your email list so you stay top of mind – for example you can use pinned posts and/or your header image and description.


Taking the above option a step further, you can reach the people who follow your business page using Facebook Ads.

If people follow you, they are interested in what you have to say. By targeting them with Ads you can tailor your messaging and invite them to take another step closer with one of the above tactics.

There are a few considerations when choosing which of the above ideas you’d like to try.

- Which campaign Objective you choose

- Where you will drive the traffic that click on your Ads

For the most part you will need to choose between a Traffic, Lead Generation or Conversion Objective…

TRAFFIC OBJECTIVE reaches people more likely to click on Facebook Ads and lets you drive people to a dedicated webpage outside of Facebook.

LEAD GENERATION OBJECTIVE reaches people more likely to complete forms on Facebook via Lead Ads. People stay in Facebook and provide the required contact details.

CONVERSION OBJECTIVE reaches people more likely to complete a desired action after clicking on an Ad and going to a dedicated webpage – a desired action being a completed sale or a lead.

If you choose to invite people to follow you however, you will need to choose an Engagement Objective for Page Likes. This means people will only be able to visit your Facebook business page and cannot link to any dedicated webpages.

I’d love to hear how these work for you.

Happy growing!

Speak soon,