Finetuning your messaging is really important if you want to attract the right people to you and start building trust from the offset.

If you think of all the people you admire and are considering purchasing from yourself, you’ll feel like they “get you” and trust that they have a good solution to your problem or the tools to help you achieve your goal.

That’s what good messaging does.

It makes people stop and think “Yes! That is so me! This is exactly how I feel!”.

Generic messaging speaks to no-one and won’t help you build Know, Like and Trust factors with your ideal clients and customers.

So how does this translate to your Facebook Ads?

Well firstly, you can use your awesome messaging in your Ad Copy to stop your ideal clients and customers from scrolling. You can capture their attention and encourage them to click to take a step closer to you.

The difference with Facebook Ads compared to your posts on social media is that you can get really specific with who you are reaching with your Ads.

You can therefore further tailor your messaging to these really specific audiences.

Many small business owners will create target audiences in Facebook Ads by adding more and more behaviours and interests in the hope that will reach as many of their ideal clients and customers as possible.

Instead, try grouping the types of behaviours and interests that are relevant to your ideal clients and your business. You should end up with several subsections of your ideal clients and customers.

For example, a children’s activity class provider might have a target audience of mums and dad in a local area. Instead they could break this down into mums and dads with children aged 0-1, 1-2, and 3-5 years old and tailor their messaging to the development stage of each age group.

Another example, an online course provider might have a target audience of women in business who are interested in social media. Instead they could break this down to female small business owners and page admins with an interest in digital marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, marketing strategy… and so on and tailor their messaging to the interests of each group.

So, you’ve got your messaging and you’ve broken down you target audiences, now what?

Here are 4 steps for setting your campaign up to make more impact with messaging in your Ads

  1. Think about how you can split your target audience into smaller groups. Set up each of these in a separate Ad Set. This lets you get really specific with your targeting and separates your target audiences out so you can create Ads bespoke to them.

  2. Create up to 3 Ads for each of your target audiences (Ad Sets) so you can test variations of your messaging.

  3. After your campaign has been running for at least a week, tweak your Ads by testing various combinations of the best variation of your messaging with different Ad formats, images or videos.

  4. Drive your ideal clients and customers to a bespoke landing page that continues your messaging and invites them to take the next step with you. Avoid having any other Call-to-Actions as this will confuse your audience and you could lose them.

If you’d like more Facebook Ads setup advice, download my free Setup For Success checklist and guide to help take the confusion and frustration out of creating Facebook Ads campaigns.

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