Listening to Your Ideal Clients

I've been told that I'm a good listener by my friends and my husband. I'm often someone my friends can turn to whenever they need to talk or get something off their chest.

I love being that person for my nearest and dearest. It's so rewarding and no matter how busy I feel, if someone says they need to talk, everything else stops.

I know from being on the other side how powerful it is to have someone you know will listen to you. To really listen and try to understand you. To help you figure out a way forward.

Are you a good listener?

I think it's an excellent quality to have for your business too.

Listening to your clients about what they need, what they are striving towards, and what they struggle with is gold-dust for you to provide the support they need.

Do you know what your ideal clients and customer REALLY need?

Do you know what is holding them back from achieving their goals?

Do you know what they are considering to invest in to help them move forward?

If you don't, I encourage you to ask them...and really listen!

As you may or may not know, I recently finished my first Group Coaching Program for Facebook Ads.

I took a group of women through the process of setting up a campaign on Facebook Ads, and showed them how to improve their results so they could get more for their money.

It was a beta version of the program. I had never run it before so I was really keen on finding out as much as I could about their experience of it.

With the program complete, I've had calls with almost all of my students asking them lots of questions about their experiences and really listened to what they were telling me.

I dug deep and was not prepared to accept "yeah it was ok". There was no room for polite here!

From these calls I learnt so much!

Here are some of the nice things my students have said about the Group Coaching Program so far...

"Thanks to this course I now have successful facebook ads running that are bringing in regular purchases to my product based businesses."
"Your course has absolutely set me up to be successful with facebook ads going forward, and having the course content available to me to go back to if necessary is an absolute bonus."

I'm in the process of making some changes to the program that will address some areas they felt I could improve - e.g. weekly email prompts - and amp up some elements that really worked for them all - e.g. one-to-one support from me.

I've also decided to create an online only version of the program!

I want all women to learn how to use Facebook Ads regardless of the time restraints their lifestyles put on them or the industry they work in. So...

👉It will be entirely self-guided with lifetime access.

👉The training platform will have the slides, workbooks, and training videos all in one place.

👉There will be an optional add-on for one-to-one support from me to keep moving forward in the right direction.

Both the Group Program and the Online Only Program will be complete by the end of this month (July 2021) 🙌 More details to come on this!

You can register your interest for the Group Program that will launch again in September here, and I'll let you know when the doors open before I open it to the public.

To recap, listening to your ideal clients and customers helps you better service them, create products and services they actually NEED, and creates a stronger relationship with them because they know you're hearing what they're saying.

Take care and happy listening!

Speak soon,