Talking To Your Audience

I want to address talking to your target audience.

Chances are you fit into one of two groups...

1) You are bursting with ideas of things to communicate to your target audience,

2) You are completely stumped for ideas.

The first group is a little easier to help as you just need a structure to get the ideas down and put them into a format that makes sense to your target audience. If you are in the second group, however, you are probably feeling quite frustrated and don't feel like you can move forward. You might also be feeling like you are losing a bit of the passion that made you start your business in the first place.


Take a step back.

Breathe 😊

To get some content ideas flowing, I have an exercise for you...

Pick a time when you have a bit of breathing space to yourself, get yourself a cup of coffee (or something stronger if you wish!), make yourself comfy and think back to when you first started your business.

Now ask yourself these questions...

  • Why did you start your business?

  • What got you most excited?

  • Who did you most want to help with your business?

Now, picture your ideal customer sitting next to you...

  • How would you describe your business to them?

  • What would you want them to know about you and your business?

  • What do you think would stand out to them?

  • How do you think they would like to be spoken to?

  • What do you think they would want/need to take the next step with you?

This exercise reminds you of why you are passionate about your business, who you should be talking to, which products or services hold the most interest, and what you might need to offer to get them to take their first step towards you. Having written all this down, chances are you now fall into Group 1! ...

Now, start by writing down all the ideas that pop into your head. With no filter and in no particular order or fashion.

Spider diagrams help me the most but maybe lists or post-its work best for you. Just get them all out of your head and written down somehow. Once written down your brain can relax and focus on how to make sense of all the ideas. Can you group the ideas somehow? Is there a pattern or theme? Breaking down your ideas into groups and categories gives you some structure and organises your thoughts. There might be a common idea that ties some of them together, or you might have clear conversation topics that your audience are interested in. Perhaps there is a sequence to your ideas that naturally appeals to your audience. With your ideas flowing and falling into a structure, now is the perfect time to start planning your content for social media. Read my tips on how to plan your content ahead of time and get my free content calendar to populate with your ideas here.

So remember...

➙ Remember why you started your business in the first place.

➙ Keep your audience front and centre by picturing them in front of you.

➙ Share your passions with your audience. Trust your gut to tell people about the things you believe in.

➙ Organise your thoughts and find patterns.

➙ Plan your content ahead of time ➙ Be unapologetically you.