The Tale of Alarms and Intentions

There I was, sat at my desk at 5:45am, bleary eyed, fighting long blinks, and hugging a cup of coffee willing its caffeinated powers to seep in and give me some energy and focus.

I’d hit the snooze button five times before getting up and dragging myself to my desk.

And I couldn’t decide if I should have just stayed there or made the right decision in getting up before the kids to get some uninterrupted work time in.

I decided to work on. The caffeine and the rising sun working their magic to clear my mind and get productive.

But later, I realised something.

Getting up early wasn’t what made me so drowsy. Nor were the evening work shifts or the multiple interruptions in the night to look after my teething daughter…though they definitely didn’t help!

After all, I’ve been getting up before the kids to work for quite a while now and (generally) arrive at my desk ready to go.

No, my issue was hitting the snooze button.

Each time I hit the snooze button, I would wake feeling more tired and groggy having had little extra rest in the ten minutes since it last went off!

I was putting off getting up and getting going.

I was putting off getting the head start on work that starts my day on the right foot.

I was putting off quiet, guilt-free, uninterrupted thinking space that always moves my business forward in the right way for me.

I’ve spoken to many women who have put off getting the support they need or upskilling themselves in order to grow their business. They have told themselves they will do it when X, or as soon as Y happens…

They’re hitting the snooze button on the business growth or development.

The repercussions for my hitting snooze 5 times that morning was that it took me much longer to wake up, get focussed and get productive. I didn’t feel ready to pause when the kids woke up, and I felt on the backfoot all day.

What would the repercussions be for those putting off getting the right support and training?

Even if I had decided to turn the alarm off and simply wake up and start my workday later, I would have been better off.

Because I would have woken with intention and started working with clarity and focus either way.

The next day I got up when my alarm went off the first time and (still hugging my cup of coffee – I did mention the teething daughter didn’t I?!) I was able to hit the ground running much quicker again.

(The End!)

So, are you putting off anything right now? Is there something you have considered to help you grow your business, but have put off committing to just yet?

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Speak soon,