We’re all thinking it…Social media is a tricky animal. (Yes, even me!). How do I talk to my target customer, what do I say to them, how does everyone else seem to do it so well?!

Well I’m not going to try to fool you or insult your intelligence and tell you there is a magic cure to make it super simple and a walk in the park…

but I will tell you that you don’t need to be everywhere to reach your potential customers.

By focussing on just one channel for your business you can streamline your efforts and make a bigger impact yielding better results.

But which one do you choose for your business when there is so much out there?!

With so much choice and much to consider it’s no wonder people are left confused and often adopt a scattergun approach; post when you can on as many networks as you can for fear that you will miss out on potential customers if you don’t!

But essentially you need to consider 2 things

  • where your target customers are spending their time,

  • which channel is the right fit for your business

The complexity of the social media networks and the level of competition out there means you need to consider which channel is the right fit for your brand as well as where your audience are. For example, you might want to consider the level of resources you have to post on social media regularly and to engage with your potential customers, or whether you have more videos than images, or if you want to promote products or a service.

If you are able to dedicate a bit of time to social media each day then Twitter or Instagram could suit you well, however if your resources are more limited then something like Facebook or Pinterest might be more suitable.

To help with this dilemma and to get you using social media for your business with confidence, I developed the...

Social Media Channel Selector Guide.

It will help you ...

...identify the ONE channel you should focus on

...avoid the overwhelm and make your most important channel work really hard for you

...reduce time wasted trying to keep up on all social media channels

...reduce confusion for both you and your customers

...and reclaim some clarity for you and your business

Whats more, its completely FREE!

Here’s to confident business owners with well thought out social media strategies without the overwhelm!

The guide breaks down the key social media networks you might need to use for your business into digestible chunks to locate your target audience online - looking at demographic breakdowns, audience volumes and growth trends.

It then addresses strategic considerations for you to identify which network suits your business the best.

Finally, having selected your key social media channel for your business, you will find best practices and tips on how to get the most out of your social media efforts.

To get your copy of the FREE guide, click here and enter your email for me to send it directly to you.