Why I don't tell my clients they need big budgets for Paid Ads

I bet you've heard the advice before that "if you don't have a decent budget then its not worth doing Facebook Ads"...

Or that "you need to spend a lot in order to get enough of a share in the market to get any results from your campaigns"...

This bothers me a lot!

My mission is to make Ads feel more accessible, and every time someone hears the above statements they feel the exact opposite!

I tell my clients they don't need a high budget.

I tell my clients they should start small and work their way up.

I tell my clients to not worry about what the big corporates are doing, and to focus on what they're doing for their audience.

Unless you are willing to invest millions in Ads, your budget will likely be a drop in the ocean to big corporates. You can't compete with their budgets ...but you don't need to. They aren't using up all the impressions on Facebook, there is enough for everyone.

You just need to focus on your audience and how you can best connect with them so that you make every impression* count.

(*times your Ad is seen by someone)

Facebook Ads require lots testing and learning to know what works and what doesn't.

I recommend to anyone starting out to start with a small budget, and grow it as they discover what works for them.

This way their budget is being spent more wisely and grows with their success.

In theory, the more you spend the quicker you can learn what works for you as you have more data to analyse, but jumping in with big budgets won't get you great results straight away.

You still need to go through the test, learn, and repeat process.

If you've been put off trying Facebook Ads because you don't think you have enough budget, you can start with as little as £1 per day! So give it a go!

Start small, test and learn, and grow!

Speak soon,