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I'm a mum on a mission to demystify Facebook Ads and Google Ads for women growing businesses around their family and lifestyle

Let's not beat around the bush...Paid Ads are an investment. Both in time and money.

But I truly believe it is a great way to scale your business and help you reach your goals, and I'm determined to make Paid Ads more accessible without you having to give up more of your time. 

Chances are you fall into one of the below categories:

  • You've boosted your Facebook posts but don't know if it really had any impact

  • You started setting up a Facebook Ads campaign once - maybe even a few times - but got stuck with all the different options available to you

  • You've successfully set up a Facebook Ads campaign before but didn't have the time to learn to understand the results properly or learn how to improve them, so it just kind of... ended

  • You've run a Facebook Ads campaign but the results you got were shocking thereby putting you off for a while

  • You've created a Google Ads Express account but just feel you're wasting money with no clue if its actually working or not

  • You've set up a Google Ads account but don't do anything with it as its so bloomin' complicated and time consuming

  • You've heard that Paid Ads is complicated and have decided to outsource from the offset and get professional support

If any of these sound like you, you are not alone! 

I created my signature package to help you find your ideal clients and customers, discover what motivates them to buy from you, and align your Paid Ads with your other marketing so that we move them from A to B (that's Awareness to Buying!). 

Wanting to scale your business needs to be congratulated! 

This tells me you've already put in a lot of work to get to this point and you're committed to keep growing.

Virtual high fives all round. 

But by now you probably know that you can't grow a business by doing everything all by yourself. 

You can't do all the things, all the time, and expect great results straight away. 

Stretching yourself too thin takes you away from the things you are most passionate about and you start to lose the very passion that got you started in the first place. 

I work with women who want to scale their business using Facebook Ads and Google Ads but want to keep their focus on what they do best. 





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I designed my program not to be another add-on to your other marketing, but a fully ingrained strategic lead generator. 

Using my signature framework, ​together we'll...

  • Define your target audience in as much detail as possible - without knowing who we are talking to, it's impossible to attract them to you. 

  • Map out your customer journey - that's the route people can take to finding out about you, right through to buying from you. 

  • Craft your messaging - make an impact on your ideal clients and customers using your authentic tone of voice.  

  • Set clear goals - we need to know if we are making an impact right! These goals will be tangible big-picture goals as focussing on the immediate impact of your ads can be misleading. 


£650 per month for as long as you like but a minimum of 3 months

A little of your time to get everything in place at the beginning of the month, and review the results at the end of the month


  • ​a complete customer journey - reviewed monthly

  • professionally managed Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns

  • regular reporting and analysis making stats into stories

  • 1:1 support from a Paid Ads expert who'll happily answer any questions

  • fabulous results...!


Imagine knowing the greater impact your paid ads are having on your business.

Imagine discovering the best messaging to encourage action from your ideal customers and clients. 

Imagine having absolute clarity on how all your marketing fits together to help you reach your goals. 

This is possible, and more, with PAID ADS WITH PURPOSE.


Honestly, this is not for you if you want to use Paid Ads to bolt onto your existing marketing or gain immediate results with minimal input. 


This is for you if you want to learn what motivates your ideal customers to buy from you, generate a more predictable return on investment, and get expert hands on support.

If you're ready to take the next step, click below to book a free consultation with me and get the ball rolling! 


"Louise has been great help and support to and works extremely hard to deliver the results your business needs. She is personable and fun to work with and quickly understood our brand and tone of voice. She marries expertise in the area of paid ads with an input into the wider marketing strategy."

"Working with Louise has helped my business in so many ways.  I love her straightforward approach to helping me grow my business and the ideas and recommendations that she brings to our regular catch ups are always helpful.  I know that I can trust Louise to effectively manage my Facebook advertising campaigns and that her knowledge will ensure that they are always optimised."